Robert Kridel, MD, MPH, PhD

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Dr. Kridel’s lab within the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (MaRS building, East Tower) focuses on translational lymphoma research.
Lymphomas arise from the malignant transformation of lymphocytes, a particular type of white blood cells. Collectively, lymphomas represent the 5th most common cause of cancer in Canada, with 10,000 new cases per year. 
We have an interest in B-cell lymphomas and are studying scenarios that are associated with poor outcome such as early progression after treatment, transformation to aggressive lymphoma and relapse in the central nervous system. We are applying cutting-edge tools to primary patient samples to unravel tumour heterogeneity and to develop novel, innovative biomarkers to predict outcome in lymphoma. Furthermore, we are leveraging novel findings from discovery platforms to elucidate mechanisms of lymphoma pathogenesis and treatment resistance. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes through a better understanding of the diversity of responses to treatment and by tailoring therapy to each individual patient.

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Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Associate Member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto