Pia Kontos, PhD

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My current research program represents a convergence of several key interests or themes: the use of critical social theory and qualitative research methods to examine the norms and assumptions underpinning care practices in long-term care and rehabilitation settings; the development of a philosophy and approach to relational caring; the evaluation of arts-based approaches including music, dance, and improvisational play to enrich the lives of people living with dementia; and the development and evaluation of research-based theatre, improvisational drama, and film to bridge the principles of relational caring with practice in long-term care and rehabilitation settings.
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Associate Professor (status-only), Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto (2013-present)
Adjunct Scientist, Baycrest Health Sciences, Rotman Research Institute (2013-present)
Associate Researcher, Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, McMaster University (2013-present)
Associate SGS Member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto (2012-present)
Associate SGS Member, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto (2011-present)
Academic Fellow, Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research, University of Toronto (2009-present)