Marcelo Cypel

Marcelo Cypel, MD, MSc

Dr. Cypel's research interests are in lung transplantation, gene and cell therapy to repair injured organs, and the use of artificial lung devices. In thoracic oncology, Dr. Cypel's research is now focused on minimally invasive thoracic surgery and the use of loco-regional therapies for the treatment of pulmonary metastases. He has recently earned a young investigator scholarship (Michael DeBakey Scholarship 2011-2013) from the American Association of Thoracic Surgery to develop an in vivo lung perfusion model to be used as a platform for various anti-cancer metastases therapies, especially for colorectal cancer and sarcomas.

Dr. Cypel's main clinical interests include minimally invasive thoracic surgery for lung cancer, treatment of pulmonary metastases, artificial lung devices and lung transplantation.
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Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto