Lora M Giangregorio, PhD

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The aim of our research team is to reduce the burden of osteoporotic fractures. We use medical imaging technologies to explore bone and muscle responses to activity or neurologic impairment, and evaluate new methods for image analysis. We conduct epidemiologic studies to inform fracture risk assessment algorithms. We conduct clinical trials to investigate the effects of exercise interventions for reducing fracture risk in high risk individuals. We conduct studies to investigate methods for increasing participation in safe and effective physical activity in older adults. We actively translate our research into practice by liaising with government and non-profit organizations and linking with community-based programs. For example, our research team has worked with Osteoporosis Canada to develop BoneFit, a two-day workshop for physiotherapists and kinesiologists on appropriate assessment and exercise prescription for individuals with osteoporosis. We also led the development of the Too Fit To Fracture Exercise and Physical Activity Recommendations for Individuals with Osteoporosis.

Ongoing research projects in our lab include the following:
  • A longitudinal study of bone health and body composition in individuals with neurological impairment due to spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Studies evaluating medical imaging techniques for assessment of bone quality, muscle size and fatty infiltration
  • A multicentre randomized controlled trial of home exercise in women with osteoporotic spine fractures
  • Primary care-based physical activity intervention for older adults
  • Development of a fracture risk assessment algorithm for implementation in long term care
  • Rehabilitation and quality indicators in long term care
  • Knowledge translation research in partnership with Osteoporosis Canada and the Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network
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Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
Affiliated Scientist, Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences Centre