Jeremy Sivak, PhD

Jeremy Sivak, PhD holds the Glaucoma Research Chair at the Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network, and is Associate Professor in the University of Toronto School of Medicine. Dr. Sivak completed his PhD in 2001 at Tufts University/New England Medical Center, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cambridge. He then joined Novartis in 2005 as a project lead where he led multidisciplinary ophthalmic drug discovery teams. Dr. Sivak returned to academics in 2010 to establish a research program that examines the mechanisms controlling retinal injury responses, and to design new treatment and drug delivery strategies. The success of this work is reflected in concurrent funding from federal, and non-profit granting agencies, industry collaborations, consistent publications in prominent journals, and broad lecturing internationally. 

Molecular mechanisms of retinal injury responses

Our laboratory is investigating the molecular pathways directing cellular responses to tissue damage and repair in the eye. This work has direct relevance to retinal degenerative diseases, and also serves as a model for these mechanisms in the central nervous system and other organs. We have recently turned our attention to damage of the inner retinal layers and optic nerve. Injury to these tissues drives the pathologic outcome for patients with glaucoma; a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in Canada and worldwide. We are focusing on the roles that metabolic, oxidative, and biomechanical stress place on the sensitive retinal ganglion cells and their associated glia. For these experiments we use a variety of molecular, cellular and genetic techniques.

The laboratory currently has openings for trainees and interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Sivak directly.

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Associate Professor of Vision Science and Ophthalmology, University of Toronto
Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation Glaucoma Research Chair
Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy