David Cherney

David Cherney, CM, PhD, MD, FRCPC

Following his clinical training in Nephrology, Dr. Cherney completed his PhD in human renal physiology at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto in 2008.  He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto and a Clinician Scientist at the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospitals, where he is director of the Renal Physiology Laboratory.

During his PhD training, Dr. Cherney was the recipient of a Kidney Foundation of Canada Scholarship and then a three-year KRESCENT Fellowship. He is currently supported by a five-year Canadian Diabetes Association-KRESCENT Program Joint New Investigator Award and receives operating funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Kidney Foundation of Canada.
Dr. Cherney’s research program focuses on physiological factors that initiate renal disease in patients with diabetes, such as renal hyperfiltration and inflammation. His research program is closely aligned with his integrated and multidisciplinary cardiac-renal-endocrine clinic at the University Health Network, which maintains a strong emphasis on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy and related cardiovascular disease.
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