Christine Cserti-Gazdewich, MD, FRCPC

Christine Cserti-Gazdewich completed her training in internal medicine and hematology in Toronto, followed by a fellowship in transfusion medicine at the Harvard Joint Program in Boston. She has worked in Toronto since her return in October 2006. At UHN, she serves primarily as a transfusion medicine specialist with a cross appointment as a clinical hematologist (outpatient clinics, inpatient consults and apheresis). Her professional activities focus on transfusion immunohematology and hemovigilance locally. She also has interests in the hematology and hemotherapy of malaria and/or severe anemia in less developed regions. Through the Laboratory Medicine Program, she and her transfusion medicine colleagues from UHN and Sunnybrook also serve as remote medical directors to a number of hospitals (33 medical outposts with 23 performing transfusion care through 11 transfusion medicine laboratories).
Research interests include the following:

1. clinical immunohematology and transfusion laboratory serology
      a. immunocytopenias, complex antibody profiles, blood group genetics/evolution
      b. hemovigilance, emphasizing non-infectious hazards
      c. transplant-related immunopathologies
2. hemotherapy in austere conditions
      a. less resourced settings (sub-Saharan Africa, northern Ontario First Nations)
      b. prohibitive factors (immunologic risks)
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