Benjamin Haibe-Kains , PhD

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The research performed in the Haibe-Kains Laboratory focuses on the integration of high-throughput data from various sources to simultaneously analyze multiple facets of diseases, with a particular emphasis on cancer. Dr. Haibe-Kains and his team are using publicly available genomic datasets and data generated through his collaboration to better understand the biology underlying diseases and to develop new predictive models in order to significantly improve disease management. Dr. Haibe-Kains's main contributions include several prognostic gene signatures in breast cancer, subtype classification models for ovarian and breast cancers, as well as genomic predictors of drug response in cancer cell lines.

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Scientific Lead, Data Science Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University Health Network
Scientific Lead, Radiomics Program of the Radiation Medicine Program (RMP), Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University Health Network
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto
Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Faculty Associate, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Faculty Affiliate, Vector Institute