My research employs qualitative and mixed methods to explore factors that influence the effective organization and delivery of health services, and to evaluate strategies that optimize quality of health care delivery and outcomes. In particular my research focuses on guideline implementation. Guidelines are syntheses of best available evidence that inform health care decision making but their use is inconsistent. To improve care delivery and associated outcomes it is imperative that we develop better ways to implement guidelines. Supported by several operating grants and a New Investigator five-year salary award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, my research develops and evaluates different implementation approaches. For example, we completed a series of systematic reviews of the literature and qualitative interviews to investigate guideline developer capacity and the role of facilitative intermediaries. In particular, we are focusing on the concept of implementability: enhancing the content of guidelines with non-clinical information such that users more easily adopt the recommendations. We established a conceptual framework of guideline implementability, and through collaboration with an international network of guideline developers, implementers and researchers, are evaluating a variety of guideline implementation tools.

Additional funded research projects include interviews with researchers, managers, clinicians, and educators to identify their current and desired capacity for knowledge translation research/practice; a systematic review of the literature to characterize and evaluate strategies for involving patients in their own health care; a mixed methods study of factors that influence post-market surveillance of medical devices; a mixed methods study on the impact of multidisciplinary care teams in cancer diagnostic assessment programs; and multiple methods are being used to investigate the factors that influence conduct, reporting and use of qualitative research.
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Associate Professor, Department of Surgery; Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation; and Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto
Chair, Implementation Working Group, Guidelines International Network