Strategic Research Plan 2019–23

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The plan will help guide choices towards achieving goals for research impact and excellence.

UHN is pleased to announce the publication of its Strategic Research Plan 2019–2023.

The plan defines UHN's research mission—Together we drive excellence in discovery and innovation to create A Healthier World—and articulates the institution's research values and its goals for impact and excellence across all of its institutes and programs.

It was developed over the past year by a Core Working Group and a Steering Committee, and with input from close to 300 individuals across and external to UHN, including patient partners. The Strategic Research Plan presents five priorities:

  • Engage every patient to strengthen our learning health system
  • Empower research teams and collaboration
  • Accelerate translation of discovery to practice
  • Unleash the power of technology and innovation
  • Grow research through financially sustainable structures

Over the coming year, specific new initiatives will be launched within each of the above priorities and action plans will be developed to operationalize them. In alignment with the priorities and initiatives of the UHN Strategic Plan 2019–23, these initiatives will help TeamUHN to achieve its shared vision of A Healthier World. The research community is excited to embark on this journey, and there’s no telling what TeamUHN can achieve together.

To download the full plan or a one-page summary, please visit the strategic research plan website here.