ORT Travel Award Winners

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Congratulations to the latest recipients of the ORT Travel Award.
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March 2018 ORT Travel Award winners. (L-R, top) Dr. Mikihiro Kohno, Alessandra Tuccitto , Dr. Gah-Jone Won, Dr. Lisa Engel. (L-R, bottom) Dr. Serene Wong, Dr. Cristina De Oliveira Francisco, Dr. Muammar Muhammad Kabir, Dr. T M Zaved Waise.

ORT is committed to providing support for research trainees at UHN. It provides a limited number of travel awards to support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend national and international conferences to disseminate their research. ORT is pleased to announce the awardees of the March 2018 ORT Travel Award!

Graduate Students (alphabetical order):

1. Paige Bauer (Supervisor: Dr. Tony Lam, TGHRI)

2. Mohammad Hasan Owlia (Supervisor: Dr. Tilak Dutta, TRI)

3. James Saravanamuttu (Supervisor: Dr. Robert Chen, Krembil)

4. Jennifer Shuldiner (Supervisor: Dr. Gary Rodin, PM)

5. Alessandra Tuccitto (Supervisor: Dr. Jeremy Sivak, Krembil)

Postdoctoral Fellows (alphabetical order):

1. Dr. Cristina De Oliveira Francisco (Supervisor: Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi, TRI)

2. Dr. Lisa Engel (Supervisor: Dr. Zahi Touma, Krembil) 

3. Dr. Muammar Muhammad Kabir (Supervisor: Dr. AZadeh Yadollahi, TRI)

4. Dr. Mikihiro Kohno (Supervisor: Dr. Marc De Perrot, TGHRI)

5. Dr. Yuliya Lytvyn (Supervisor: Dr. David Cherney, TGHRI)

6. Dr. Foad Taghdiri (Supervisor: Dr. Carmela Tartaglia, Krembil)

7. Dr. T M Zaved Waise (Supervisor: Dr. Tony Lam, TGHRI)

8. Dr. Gah-Jone Won (Supervisor: Dr. Jeremy Sivak, Krembil)

9. Dr. Serene Wong (Supervisor: Dr. Igor Jurisica, Krembil)

Congratulations once again to all the winners!