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Two newly released publications showcase Krembil’s research and achievements.
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Publication covers (L-R): the Arthritis Magazine and the 2010 Krembil Annual Report.
Two new publications were launched this fall to promote the Krembil Research Institute’s relentless pursuit of new diagnostics and therapies for chronic debilitating diseases: a magazine featuring the Arthritis Program and the 2019 Krembil Annual Report. Both include a collection of stories describing our research and achievements, interesting facts and figures and beautiful photography.
The Arthritis Magazine
Krembil has teamed up with The Globe and Mail on a special project to highlight the groundbreaking research and clinical advancements happening within the Arthritis Program at Krembil. 
Inside the issue, readers will learn how our dedicated scientists and clinicians are making new discoveries and developing innovative techniques and technologies to prevent, treat and help patients recover from arthritis-related illnesses, including lupus, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. 
Click here to read the online version of the magazine.
2019 Krembil Annual Report
This year’s report focuses on ‘hope’. It includes a welcome message from Krembil’s Director, Dr. Donald Weaver, which explains how hope is helping our institute achieve its goal of improving health. It also reveals how our work is inspiring hope in others, such as our patients, their families and our generous supporters.  
In addition, the report highlights some of the Krembil’s most notable achievements over the past year, including: 
- a discovery that could improve survival after spinal cord injury
- a recommendation that could help doctors identify and treat severe arthritis more quickly
- a new method to advance therapy for vision loss
- a new facility to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into new medicines
Click here to read the report.