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Read the latest UHN Research Report to learn how UHN researchers are pushing the limits.
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The researchers featured on the 2017 UHN Research Report cover are (L-R) Drs. Karen Davis, Thomas Purdie, Pamela Ohashi, Frank Rudzicz, Michael Laflamme and Cristina Nostro.

Just as high-performance athletes display an unwavering drive to hone their skills, so do our researchers.

They work tirelessly to improve our understanding of disease, the delivery of care and the efficiency of the health care system. Their achievements are enabled by partnerships with clinicians, patients, donors and companies. And they achieve their goals by pushing the limits of health care innovation.

The current issue of the UHN Research Report highlights how our researchers are working to make health care better, stronger and faster.

The report includes a selection of exciting stories and thought-provoking images that reveal: 

  • how brain mechanisms enhance performance during pain;
  • a strategy to improve cancer immune therapies;
  • a digital platform that can diagnose Alzheimer disease using speech; 
  • a new method that could lead to safer stem cell-derived treatments for diabetes; and
  • an AI-based technology that speeds up radiation therapy planning.

The report also includes stories celebrating funding success, high-impact discoveries and innovative applications from research findings, as well the generous support provided by UHN’s sister foundations and their donors.

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