Dr. Alshaer is a physician and a biomedical engineer, who is dedicated to developing intelligent diagnostic and therapeutic medical instrumentation from inception to productization. Also, he has a special interest in electronic embedded design and digital signal processing.

Through collaboration with fellow scientists and engineers, he led the development of several medical instruments, including a portable, self-contained, battery-operated device for home diagnosis of sleep apnea. This project was one of the first to be selected by a government sponsored program (MaRS EXCITE), which enables the best health technologies to get to market faster. Besides many peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Alshaer is listed as the main inventor on 6 patent families. Throughout his career, he has won 6 academic excellence and entrepreneurial awards and helped to raise significant funding for his projects.

Dr Alshaer obtained his PhD from the University of Toronto in biomedical engineering. He completed postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. He holds an MD from Marmara University and MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Medical Technology
Dr. Alshaer is devoted to developing context-sensitive medical devices and instrumentation designed to tackle real needs in the medical arena. His designs address the demand for more economic, sophisticated, and accessible technology. Throughout his career, he has developed devices for the diagnosis and treatment of functional voice disorders, the diagnosis of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Sleep Disordered Breathing (Sleep Apnea)
Sleep apnea affects 1 in 10 adults. It is a serious condition that increases the risk of vehicle accidents, heart failure, and stroke. Dr. Alshaer led the development of a group of inventions that were integrated into a single device, BresoDxTM, that can reliably and affordably diagnose sleep apnea. This technology was designed for patient use in their own homes and, in parallel, to provide physicians with enough information to make an accurate diagnosis.

Biomedical Signal Processing
The human body is a rich source of signals (eg, cardiac, neural, and vocal) that can be captured by medical devices and used by medical professionals to help manage human disease. Dr. Alshaer has a special interest in developing intelligent algorithms for signal processing to detect pathological conditions and build more sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technology.
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