Herbert P von Schroeder, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCSC

Intercellular Communication Between Osteoblastic Cells and Vascular Cells
The major research interest in my lab is the intercellular communication between osteoblastic cells and vascular cells. It has long been known that bone formation cannot occur without a blood supply. More importantly, cells of the vascular system communicate with osteoblast cells, and the signaling between these two cell types may be the target of certain diseases and drugs including glucocorticoids. Alteration is this signaling axis may result or promote certain pathological conditions of bone including osteoporosis.

Using culture systems consisting of osteoblastic cells and vascular endothelial cells, our investigations have demonstrated that endothelin-1, a vascular polypeptide, stimulates osteoblast differentiation and bone production. This effect is additive to the known stimulatory effects of the steroid dexamethasone, and our microarray experiments have shown that the two factors control osteoblastic cells by unique mechanisms. Present investigations are looking at the roles of VEGF, Osterix and Cbfa1 in this system.
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Associate Professor, Surgery, University of Toronto