Dr. Rudzicz is an expert in speech recognition and artificial intelligence in applications designed for individuals with special speech characteristics. His work in natural language and speech processing is multidisciplinary and involves machine learning, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, computer vision, speech-language pathology, rehabilitation engineering, digital signal processing and linguistics. Dr. Rudzicz's long-term aim is to produce language software that can improve the quality of life of individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. This research augments existing techniques by refining the statistical relationships between neural, articulatory and acoustic levels of speech within modern automatic speech recognition systems. These augmented speech systems can be for several applications including: i) automated human-computer dialog systems that include speech synthesis to help individuals complete daily tasks; and ii) prosthetic communication aids for human-human interaction that modify the acoustics of hard-to-understand speech to make it more understandable.

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Assistant Professor (status only), Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Associate Member, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
Associate Member, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (formerly GDRS)
Member, Collaborative Program in Neuroscience
Member, Toronto Dementia Research Alliance