February 2019

Down to the Wire

UHN researchers engineer a model heart to test drugs for heart disease. /read more

Clearing the Smoke

Study suggests cannabinoid use may be linked to higher patient-reported postoperative pain. /read more

Your Heart on Cardiac Rehabilitation

Blood test could provide readout of rehabilitation-related improvements in heart fitness. /read more

Cancer Research in the Loop

New study reveals that circular genetic material is essential for prostate tumour growth. /read more
UHN Welcomes KITE, Toronto Rehab's New Research Arm /read more
UHN's Latest Research Report /read more
New Research Leadership at PM Cancer Centre /read more
Award for UHN Cardiologist /read more
UHN Strategic Plan: Built on the Ideas of Everyone at UHN /read more
Coming Soon - UHN Strategic Research Plan
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