December 2017

Gene Versions Matter

Modified versions of genes can be used to predict anti-cancer drug effectiveness. /read more

Light at the End of the Tunnel

UHN vision scientists discover potential neuroprotective treatment for glaucoma. /read more

Seeing into the Future

Researchers identify molecular changes in normal breast cells that are adjacent to cancers. /read more

Mind Over Matter

Fatigue and depression are significant barriers to recovery from a stroke. /read more

Cells that Search and Destroy Cancer

Rare T cells may represent a safe and effective treatment for chemotherapy-resistant leukemia /read more

Cell Therapy in the Fast Lane

New method could be used to coax adult cells into repairing and regenerating damaged tissues. /read more
Canada’s Top Research Hospital /read more
Advocating for Research /read more
Minister of Science visits UHN /read more
UHN Scientists Receive CRC Awards /read more
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