August 2017

When Cancer Strikes Twice

Tumours caused by previous treatments found to be different than those occurring naturally. /read more

Word Play

Researchers develop a computer game to rehabilitate speech in people with Parkinson disease. /read more

Omega-3 to the Rescue

Study finds omega-3 seal oil reverses nerve damage in the corneas of patients with diabetes. /read more

Falling, Redefined

Researchers use an unconventional approach to develop a computer model that identifies falls. /read more

No Pain, No Gain

Pain reduces task performance in some individuals but enhances task performance in others. /read more

Future Aspirations

New blood test for cancer could replace painful bone marrow aspiration procedure. /read more
Over $1M to Support Research at UHN /read more
UHN's Inventor of the Year Announced /read more
New Arthritis Research Director at Krembil /read more
Dr. Walmsley receives Highest Civilian Honour /read more
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