Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian and tubal serous tumourigenesis
Characterization of hereditary ovarian/tubal cancers
Gene expression profiling of epithelial ovarian cancer

Serous carcinoma
Serous carcinoma, the most common type of ovarian and tubal carcinoma, usually presents with extra-ovarian disease, and has a high mortality rate. Using hereditary ovarian cancer as a model, we are studying the early molecular/genetic events that lead to malignant transformation. We are also attempting to further classify serous cancer using histological, molecular, and outcome data and gene expression profiling.

With the ultimate goal of more effectively identifying women at risk, and of developing preventative strategies and personalized cancer therapies, we have established the Toronto Ovarian Cancer Research Network (TOCRN), a multi-disciplinary and multi-centre ovarian cancer research network of scientists and oncologists. With translational research a major focus, the Ovarian Tissue Bank and Database, developed in 1996, is a key resource for the majority of ongoing studies within the group.

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