Our research is focused on developing novel strategies to treat Type1 and Type 2 diabetes using multidisciplinary approaches, which combine information gained from genetic models of diabetes, genomics/proteomics, molecular biology and cell biology. Defects in pancreatic endocrine function are central factors in the pathology of diabetes. As such, we are currently investigating several avenues of research that explore pancreatic islet function in healthy and diseased states. This includes understanding the role that the brain plays in controlling beta cell function and insulin secretion. We also explore the therapeutic effects of prescription drugs and their metabolites to enhance pancreatic regeneration and treat diabetes. Another major direction of our research involves utilizing high-throughput metabolomics and lipidomics approaches as well as AI to uncover the underlying pathophysiology of gestational diabetes and its transition to Type 2 diabetes.

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Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine