Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE):
The PIE team is dedicated to creating interactive animated online teaching aids for perioperative medicine at the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education level. These online modules can be used by medical schools around the world for lectures, small group teaching sessions, one-on one instruction or self-study. The products of this initiative can be seen on the PIE team website (see Related Links), which attracts over 750,000 visitors per year from 800 universities and 400 hospitals in 180 countries around the world.

Perioperative Risk:
A dataset of risk factors and outcomes on 128,068 inpatient non-cardiac surgical procedures from 2003 to 2014 has been assembled from the UHN Electronic Data Warehouse. This data has been matched with transfusions of blood products from the Blood Bank and preoperative assessments from the CAIS system to provide a rich source of observational data for studies of perioperative risk.

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