Donna E Stewart, CM, MD, FRCPC

Women's Health
Our program examines factors related to the content and context of women's health and disease, locally, nationally and internationally. We employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to undertake research projects related to clinical care, violence against women, population health, women’s mental health, multicultural health, knowledge translation, health policy and health services accountability.

Ongoing projects include intimate partner violence and health, resilience, depression, international health, women’s mental health, multicultural health, menopause and postmenopause, perinatal health, and physician stress and behaviour.

Psychosomatic Medicine
We are interested in the psychosocial effects of illness and coping strategies, and how these affect outcomes in chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and organ failure. Projects focus on osteoporosis, information and decisional preferences in women, survivorship, cardiovascular disease, stroke and aging in women.

Policy, Education and Career Development
We are interested in public and professional education, health services, policy development in women's health, gender aspects of career development, service accountability, mental health and violence policies, guidelines and curricula.
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Member, Order of Canada
University Professor, University of Toronto
Inaugural Chair, Women's Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto
Head of Research and Academic Development, UHN Centre for Mental Health
Member, Graduate Faculty and IMS, University of Toronto
Past President, International Association for Women's Mental Health
Past Member, CIHR Institutional Advisory Board for Gender, Sex and Health
Advisor, World Health Organization, Women's Health
Representative, UN EcoSoc and Commission on the Status of Women