October 2018
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UHN Research The UHN Office of Research Trainees (ORT) Times is a monthly e-newsletter for UHN trainees that features articles about trainee life, tips on career development, and research training opportunities within and outside of UHN. For additional info and past issues of The ORT Times, go to uhntrainees.ca.

Linda Penn, PhD
Director, UHN Office of Research Trainees (ORT)
Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Journal Impact Factors
Uncovering the pros, cons and alternatives.
Next Generation Sequencing
What is next generation sequencing and what can it do for you?
Chronic Pain Meets Cannabis
Can a common drug treat a common pain disorder?
Neurosurgery: Operate or Modulate
Neurosurgeon serves as co-founder & director of a new centre to advance neurotechnologies.
Society for Mathematical Biology
Using computational biology in cancer research.
Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Strides made in the field of vision sciences.
Occupational Therapy Services
Discussing the impact occupational therapy services on healthcare in Canada.
Respiratory Health
Experts discuss the role that research plays in influencing care in thoracic medicine.
November 09, 2018
ORT Travel Awards
ORT offers a limited number of travel awards to enable research graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to participate in national or international conferences.

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November 09, 2018
Alzheimer's Society
The Alzheimer’s Society Research Program hosts a number of awards for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. Applications are currently being accepted.

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November 19, 2018
Accessibility Awards
This award recognizes Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows working at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and whose projects contribute to achieving one or more of the four themes of accessibility.

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December 01, 2018
Graduate Scholarships
Canada's Graduate Scholarships-Master's Program is awarded to students who demonstrate research excellence in their undergraduate and early graduate studies. Applications are currently being accepted.

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