New Talent Joins Media Team

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Twayne Pereira will use his artistic skills and scientific knowledge to promote research.
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Twayne Pereira, Public Affairs Associate, Krembil Research Institute.

We are pleased to introduce Twayne Pereira, Krembil’s new Public Affairs Associate.

In this role, Twayne will manage Krembil’s social media platform and create a variety of products—such as photos, graphics and short videos—to promote our research to the wider community. He will also work closely with Heather Sherman, our Senior Public Affairs Advisor, to support media requests and public outreach activities.

Twayne is equipped with an excellent combination of knowledge and skills for his new job. He holds an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and cell biology from the University of Toronto, and he spent a year working in Dr. Jonathan Downar’s lab at Krembil. Notably, Twayne has an artistic eye and is passionate about photography, videography and graphic design. Over the past four years, he has worked as a freelance content creator for several publicity campaigns, and his work has been featured in 35mm Magazine and BlogTO. In addition, he filmed and developed daily summary videos for Boots and Hearts, Canada’s largest country music festival.

“Traditional print media has its place, but telling a story through a short video or highlighting research with dynamic visuals can go a long way in engaging a broader audience. I hope that the videos and content that I create get everyone excited about the research that takes place at Krembil,” says Twayne.

Congratulations Twayne on your new role at Krembil!