2020 Krembil Annual Report is Here

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Read the latest annual report to learn how Krembil is making progress from promise.
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The cover of this year’s report features photographs of patients and their family members who have contributed to and benefited from research in the fields of neuroscience, vision science and arthritis.

Krembil is pushing forward.

The year 2020 witnessed tremendous global challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic changed lives around the world and transformed the way we work, learn and interact. Daily activities came to an abrupt halt for many. Science was thrust into the spotlight.

While research was forced to change dramatically, Krembil scientists continued to work with utmost dedication to pursue treatments for diseases of the brain, eyes, bones and joints. We have many exciting stories of progress to share.

This year’s Krembil Annual Report highlights a selection of our greatest achievements over the past year, including:
● identifying a marker of brain degeneration following repeated concussions
● revealing how a protein contributes to the development of brain networks
● discovering how immune cells in the joints differ between healthy individuals and those with arthritis
● advancing our understanding of COVID-19 and developing strategies and therapies to beat the disease

To read the report, click here (PDF will automatically download).