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Topic: Human resources

Jul 22, 2016 12:58pm

Health Equity and HSR Research

Given the current social climate, does UHN have any plans to explore the integration of health equity principles, and social determinants of health awareness in care provision. Given the diversity of Toronto's population, I think it is essential for the organization to ensure that HSR has a thorough grasp of these issues.

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Thank you for your question. We currently working on crafting a response.

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Topic: Human resources

Jun 02, 2016 3:31pm

Young investigators

How can UHN support young investigators?

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Currently, mentoring is ad hoc. Need to create an environment where there are strong relationships with peers. Also need to put into place funding support for young investigators.

Agree with the need for funding young investigators. We should lobby the government and funding agencies for more awards such as the ERAs, which give new investigators funding to get their programs going.

UHN needs mentors who really care about research rather than their self achievements and self goals in a non competitive environment .This will help and invite hard working and interested investigators. Mentorship usually needs training, safety in job and a willing to teach.

Mentoring of new investigators including novice clinician researchers needs to be recognized in the mentors workload as a legitimate and valued activity as opposed to an add on outside of regular work.

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