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With a new leadership team and organizational structure in place, UHN has embarked on a journey of renewal that will build on past successes, while establishing the foundational support for a new strategic plan.

In alignment with this process, a series of meetings and town halls have been held to initiate and promote dialogue within the UHN community regarding future directions for the priority area of research and innovation at UHN. This online forum provides a platform to continue the sharing of ideas and aspirations for research with the EVPs and the entire UHN community.

Here you can post questions (anonymously or not) or share any ideas that you feel are relevant to research at UHN, including the future role of commercialization, the challenges facing young investigators and how changes in UHN's organizational structure will impact research. While responses to your questions will be provided by UHN's EVP team, any individual in the UHN community will be able to contribute to and expand the discussion.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to share your ideas about the future of research and innovation at UHN through the research strategy planning forum.

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Topic: Funding

Jun 02, 2016 1:33pm

Overhead from research funding

Research funding is often accompanied by overhead taxes; however, it is not entirely clear how these funds are spent. How do you plan on addressing this ambiguity?

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There definitely needs to be a culture of transparency. This might be achieved through changes to reporting processes to enable a shared understanding of the costs and expenditures associated with performing research at UHN. We are committed to openness and equitable processes.
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