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Donald R Branch, PhD
Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)
Keywords: signal transduction, cancer, HIV pathogenesis, Src kinase, transfusion medicine, SHP-1 phosphatase 

Research Interests
Dr. Branch's current interests can be broken down into 4 main areas:
  • Signaling involving c-Src

  • Signaling in HIV/AIDS pathogenesis and disease resistance

  • Studies of SHP-1 tyrosine phosphatase in malignancies

  • Mechanism of IVIG effect in autoimmune inflammatory diseases

More specifically, Dr. Branch is now working on the following:
  • The function of pp60c-src and Pyk2 in HIV infection

  • The role of signaling through the VPAC family of neuroendocrine receptors on HIV/AIDS infection and resistance to infection

  • Drug discovery for small molecular weight molecules that block HIV fusion

  • Identification of novel treatment modalities for HIV/AIDS

  • The signaling pathways used by HIV for its early stages of its life cycle

  • The mechanism of IVIG treatment for autoimmune inflammatory diseases

  • Drug discovery for small molecular weight molecules that inhibit phagocytosis

  • The mechanism of anti-D immune prophylaxis and treatment of ITP

  • Drug discovery for alternatives to IVIG

Pubmed Publications
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  Donald  R Branch
Mailing Address
Primary Office
Toronto General Hospital
Canadian Blood Services
3rd Floor Room 342
67 College St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 2M1


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Staff and Trainees
Stephen McCarthy
Anton Neschadim
Darinka Sakac
Yulia Katsman
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Iain Scovell
Danila Leontyev

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