William E Stansfield, MD, FACS, CM

William Stansfield joined UHN's Division of Cardiovascular Surgery in the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in 2015. Bill received his M.D from McGill University and then pursued training in general surgery at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He remained at UNC for a research fellowship in basic and translational research, and for clinical training in cardiac and thoracic surgery. After completing training, he was recruited to stay at UNC as surgical faculty in the division of cardiothoracic surgery.His primary clinical interests are in valve repair and replacement through minimally invasive techniques, and care of the end-stage heart failure patient. This includes a range of cardiac operations on low EF patients, including different types of mechanical support and heart transplant.
Dr. Stansfield’s research interest is in myocardial reverse remodeling, especially after pressure offloading of the left ventricle through aortic valve replacement or LVAD therapy.
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Surgeon Scientist and Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiac Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto