Kenneth R Melvin

Kenneth R Melvin, MD, FRCPC

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention of Cardiac Events
    I am actively involved in cardiac rehabilitation program development in Ontario. After directing the transfer of a community based cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation program to the Toronto Western Hospital in 1998, as part of the Health Services Restructuring Commission Directions, at UHN we collaborated on an application to the Ministry of Health on a pilot funding project on Secondary Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation as a model for Ontario. This project is presently the subject of a number of ongoing research studies and preliminary data has been presented at The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress meetings. The Ministry of Health has extended the initial pilot project program this year. I am the principal grant applicant on this project. UHN has the highest number of entries in all categories in the project. The data from the pilot project is also shared with the MOH for healthcare planning and funding.

    I am also a joint NIH Grant applicant for a International MultiCentre Cardiac Rehabilitation project directed by Duke University. The ACTION Trial commenced in January 2004. Dr. David Whallen of Duke University Division of Cardiology is the Principal Investigator.
  • Grant Support
    Ministry of Health Ontario: Cardiac Rehabilitation Pilot Project
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Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto