My research interests lie in the area of work and health with a focus on the health care sector. Drawing from a professional background in nursing and industrial hygiene and a research background in public health and medical science, my research on the health and safety of the inter-professional health care workforce contributes to optimizing high quality and safe patient and family care. Worker safety and patient safety are intricately linked as optimal patient care and a lack of adverse patient events is reliant on an engaged workforce operating in a healthy, safe and efficient work environment.

Current areas of research focus include:
  1. The use of personal protective equipment and other precautionary practices to prevent health care worker exposure to occupational hazards including communicable respiratory disease and antineoplastic drugs;
  2. The relationship between the health and safety of the health care workforce and quality patient care;
  3. The prevention of occupational contact dermatitis in clinical staff through education and screening;
  4. The functioning and effectiveness of health care joint health and safety committees; and,
  5. The prevention of workplace violence, harassment and bullying.
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Vice President Best Practices, Research and Education & CNE, VHA Home HealthCare
Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Assistant Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto
Associate Member, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
Investigator, Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease