John Trachtenberg, MD, FACS, FRCSC

Dr. John Trachtenberg received his B.Sc., M.D. and C.M. from McGill University in Montreal. He completed his urologic residency at McGill University and succeeded to a fellowship in prostatic disease at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Trachtenberg is currently Professor of Surgery and Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto. He holds the prestigious Fleck Tanenbaum Chair in Prostatic Diseases at the University of Toronto and University Health Network. He is the Director of the Prostate Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital of the University Health Network. He acts as a consultant to the Urology Department at numerous hospitals. Dr. Trachtenberg has published over 225 peer reviewed scientific papers and several books, and sits on many hospital, university and scientific committees throughout North America and Europe. His accomplishments have earned him 18 awards, including Man of the Year in Sciences and Medicine from the Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Fund. He has developed novel, minimally invasive surgical techniques for the treatment of prostate cancer and was instrumental in the development of the prostate-specific Clinical Research Program at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Dr. Trachtenberg's major interests include the investigation of novel treatments for localized and advanced prostate cancer, developing minimally invasive image guided treatments for prostate cancer and the measurement and preservation of the quality of life of men with prostate cancer.

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Director, The Prostate Centre, University Health Network
Professor of Surgery and Medical Imaging, University of Toronto