James E Till

My major continuing interest is in research relevant to cancer control, with a particular emphasis on cross-disciplinary research and knowledge transfer.

A current interest is in ways that the Internet can foster knowledge transfer in general, and the dissemination of the results of high-quality research in particular. An important example is the 'Open Access Movement', designed to permit open access (OA) to peer-reviewed research publications, and especially publications based on research that's been supported from public funds.

The traditional subscription-based approaches to the publication of peer-reviewed research are highly inequitable, because much of this research is published in expensive journals that may not be accessible to the researchers, educators, students, practitioners, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and members of the media and the public to whom the findings are particularly relevant. Two OA strategies are recommended by the Budapest Open Access Initiative, OA Archives and OA Journals. An example of an OA Archive is the MBP community home page in the TSpace Institutional Repository of the University of Toronto. I'm the editor of a blog about topics relevant to the OA Movement.

I'm also the current editor of another blog, entitled ''Cancer Stem Cell News''.

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