David M Hwang, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Hwang is a pathologist at UHN and an Associate Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. He completed MD and PhD degrees at the University of Toronto, followed by residency training in Anatomical Pathology.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease among individuals of European descent. The most common cause of death for CF patients is respiratory problems associated with repeated episodes of bacterial infection of the airways. Together with Dr. Bryan Coburn (UHN) and Dr. David Guttman (University of Toronto), we are characterizing the composition and dynamics of the microbial communities in the CF lung using powerful new “next-generation” genomics-based approaches. Our aim is to establish guidelines to assist clinicians in the design and selection of therapies tailored for individual patients based on their clinical status and the specific nature of the community of microorganisms present in their lungs. Beyond this, we are also collaborating with other groups at UHN and at other centres to study mechanisms underlying injury and rejection of transplanted organs in patients receiving lung transplants.

For a list of Dr. Hwang's publications, please visit PubMed or Scopus.

Associate Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Toronto