I have a major interest in the basic physiological aspects of sleep, clinical aspects of sleep disorders, the use of sleep recordings for diagnostic purposes and the prospect of using sleep-related measures in psychiatry. My interests include measurement in psychiatry and, at present, this is focussed on the measurement of fatigue. I have interests in chronobiology as it relates to psychiatry and pharmacology. I have further but more limited interests in a range of psychiatric topics including insomnia, psychopharmacology, education of psychiatrists and measurement in psychiatry.

In the last few years, I have developed interests in providing information to both family physicians and the general public about specific conditions. Formal evaluation of this information and the impact of this form of health care intervention has been undertaken.

Since undertaking the role of developing the Neuropsychiatric Services at Toronto General Hospital, I have shifted my research interests to include a large number of projects in the area of neuropsychiatry. Some of these are projects initiated by colleagues or being undertaken by fellows.
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Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto