Bruce Haycock, PhD

Dr. Haycock is a Scientist at TRI with the Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL). His background is in flight simulation, having worked for a number of years and completed his PhD in the Vehicle Simulation Lab at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. This interest in human in the loop simulation and virtual reality is now being applied at the unique simulation facilities at TRI, to help enable the wide range of research for prevention of injury and disease and to help people with disability live at home and pursue a life of greater independence.

Dr. Haycock has also been actively involved in driving simulation research, working on motion drive software for large devices such as Toyota's state-of-the-art dynamic driving simulator. This experience is now being applied to realize DriverLab, the latest addition to CEAL, which is the largest driving simulator in Canada with several features making it one-of-a-kind worldwide. Among many other topics, DriverLab will primarily be used to develop sensitive methods for driver assessment, more effective methods for driver training, and a careful evaluation of the interactions between drivers and in-car technologies.