March 2022
UHN Research The Krembil is the official newsletter of the Krembil Research Institute (formerly the Toronto Western Research Institute). It informs the Toronto Western Hospital community, external stakeholders and interested community members about the exciting news and innovative research happening at the Krembil Research Institute.

Stories in this month's issue:

Donald Weaver, PhD, MD, FRCPC, FCAHS
Director, Krembil Research Institute
University Health Network

New Krembil Podcast

Tune in to a new podcast from UHN’s Krembil Brain Institute: Your Complex Brain.

This educational podcast is hosted by Krembil's Senior Public Affairs Advisor, Heather Sherman, and available on all major podcast platforms. [Read More]

Join the World Community Grid

The Krembil Research Institute assumed management of the World Community Grid in September 2021 and is asking members of the Krembil community to donate their idle computing power to this exciting research platform. [Read More]

Helping Clinicians

UHN researchers have developed a faster way to detect cognitive changes in patients with lupus. [Learn More]
After a Concussion

Classifying subtypes of post-concussion syndrome brings us closer to precision medicine. [Learn More]
Game Changing

Study reveals new blood biomarkers that could help identify acute brain injury in soccer. [Learn More]
Eyeing New Therapies

Researchers optimize and validate a new method to study drug distribution in the eye. [Learn More]

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