November 2015

Introducing The Krembil: the official newsletter of the Krembil Research Institute (formerly the Toronto Western Research Institute). The Krembil informs the Toronto Western Hospital community, external stakeholders and interested community members about the exciting news and innovative research happening at the Krembil Research Institute.

In this issue you can read about:

Donald Weaver, PhD, MD, FRCPC, FCAHS
Director, Krembil Research Institute
University Health Network

Toronto Western Research Institute Becomes the Krembil

Last week, Her Royal Highness, The Princess Edward, Countess of Wessex, announced the rebranding of the Toronto Western Research Institute as the Krembil Research Institute. The new name recognizes the Krembil family's continued support of the world-class medical research at the Toronto Western Hospital. Dr. Donald Weaver, Director of Krembil Research Institute, sees the Krembil family's ongoing investment as vital to the Institute's lasting success. [Read More]

Krembil Research Institute's Clinician Investigator Appointment

A new "Clinician Investigator" appointment has been created at the Krembil Research Institute to facilitate and advance clinical research at the Toronto Western Hospital. The appointment is open to physicians, nurses and allied health professionals who meet UHN's policy for Principal Investigator eligibility. If you are interested in becoming a Clinician Investigator, please submit a letter of interest and a current CV to the Krembil Research Institute's Interim Business Officer Dr. Amy Ma. [Read More]

Neuroscience: Connectivity Curbs Compulsiveness

New image guided therapy shows promise for those with hard-to-treat OCD. [Learn More]
Arthritis: Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

Certain features of psoriatic arthritis put patients at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. [Learn More]
Vision Disorders: Connecting the Dots

Findings reveal how nerves in the eye develop and connect with a visual region of the brain. [Learn More]
Neurological Disorders: Seizing Brain Activity

Changes to proteins that lower brain activity may cause seizures in a range of neurological disorders. [Learn More]
Arthritis: Sex Differences Explained

Study reveals why more men get ankylosing spondylitis and why symptoms differ between sexes. [Learn More]
Brain Injury: Sad, Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is linked to depression and may impact recovery after mild traumatic brain injury. [Learn More]
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