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Princess Margaret Cancer Institute Toronto General Research Institute Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Toronto Western Research Institute

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Toronto General Research Institute

Toronto Rehab Institute

Toronto Western Research Institute

  • Located in Toronto, Ontario
  • Research foci: cancer— genomics, informatics, molecular biology, clinical trials, signalling pathways, structural biology and biophysics.
  • 361 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $162M external funding
  • more

  • Located at the Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • Research foci: cardiology, transplantation, immunology and infectious disease
  • 230 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $73M external funding
  • more

  • Located at Toronto Rehab, Toronto, Ontario
  • Research foci: rehabilitation sciences, cardiopulmonary fitness and mobility
  • 119 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $8M external funding
  • more

  • Located at the Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • Research foci: Neural and visual sciences, musculoskeletal disease and community and population health
  • 159 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $35M external funding
  • more


Lupus: New Way to Monitor Symptom Flares
Oct 22, 2014

Lupus is a condition in which the body's immune system attacks multiple organs. The disease is often hard to diagnose because the exact symptoms differ in each person and vary over time. Often patients with lupus experience "flares" when their symptoms worsen. Currently, blood tests for two proteins (anti-dsDNA and C3) are used to diagnose lupus; however, they do not always provide reliable readouts of disease activity. As a result, lupus is often underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed, which can lead to serious medical complications.

Researchers are searching for other molecules (eg, biomarkers) that better predict disease state. At TWRI, Principal Investigator Dr. Carolina Landolt-Marticorena and Senior Scientist Dr. Joan Wither have helped advance this global search. Their study, published in Rheumatology, found that immune molecules in the blood, known as anti-nucleosome antibodies, out-performed traditional biomarkers. Specifically, levels of anti-nucleosome antibodies were better able to predict the severity of lupus symptoms over time in individual patients.

Full Story

TGRI Research Day 2014
Oct 20, 2014

TGRI’s annual Research Day was held on October 7th, 2014 at SickKids’ new research tower, The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. The event was commenced  by Dr. Christopher Paige (VP Research, UHN) and Dr. Mansoor Husain (Director, TGRI) who provided opening remarks highlighting the institute’s research achievements over the past year. According to Dr. Husain’s presentation, TGRI faculty now includes 232 researchers who have secured over $73 million in research funding in FY2013-14.

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September Issue of TrialScribe Now Available
Oct 15, 2014

TrialScribe is a bi-monthly e-newsletter devoted to highlighting the latest clinical research news and events at UHN.

Read the September issue to learn more about:

  • The dangers of delaying cardiac rehab following heart transplant
  • The connection between obesity and depression
  • The new Research Intranet
  • Facilities and equipment at UHN available to researchers
  • Vital signs training and certification
  • The importance of obtaining Institutional Authorization prior to starting a clinical research study

Follow this link to read the latest issue of TrialScribe.
(Note: some hyperlinked materials are not accessible outside of UHN)

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